Continue to fight. Continue to build. Continue to win.

The 2020 election cycle is the most important and consequential in modern history. Working people across the country have struggled immensely under the Trump administration, and veterans are no exception. Vital government assistance programs, including job training programs have been cut.  This administration has actively worked to attack Veteran consumer protections have been attacked, registered apprenticeship programs weakened, and benefits for disabled veterans are continually under attack. 

Working-class veterans and their families are mobilizing to take back our country and reclaim the basic American values of justice, equality and opportunity. Join our mission. Together we can win in November, and improve the lives of working veterans in the future.

Voting is important. We’re making it easy.

Check your voter registration status and get the information you need to vote, including polling place locations and resources to vote by mail safely, securely and on time.

Our plan is simple, we will support pro-worker veterans running for office, along with non-veteran candidates that support veterans and uphold our values. We will fight for candidates that are willing to fight for us.

Support Candidates Who Support Working Families

"Wall Street and the CEOs didn't build this country. The middle class did. And the middle class was built by unions."

—Vice President Joe Biden