Union Veterans Council Launches Labor 2018 Support Program

Today the Union Veterans Council (UVC), AFL-CIO, announced the launch of UVC’s Labor 2018 support program. There has never been a more vital time for working class veterans and families to make our voices heard in the halls of power.

“The Union Veterans Council has drawn a line in the sand for working class veterans and our families,” said Will Attig, Executive Director of the UVC. “We are fighting to ensure that our veterans have a say in our own economic freedom and future.”

With 1.2 million veterans in unions across America, the UVC has launched its largest labor support program to date. We will be mobilizing our activists and volunteers to knock doors and make phone calls for key races across the United States. We will also be holding roundtable meetings and town halls to educate fellow union members and candidates on the issues our community is facing.

We will support pro-worker veterans running for office, along with non-veteran candidates that support veterans and uphold our values. That support will be based on ideas and issues, not political party.. We will fight for candidates that are willing to fight for us.   

The UVC began this effort last week in Canton, Ohio, hosting a labor-to-labor canvass with local union veterans and leaders. The UVC was in Ohio actively supporting gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray and Congressional candidate Ken Harbaugh, both champions of union veterans

While in Canton, the UVC hosted a veteran’s round table with General Stan McChrystal Harbaugh and local union veterans. The discussion focused on the need for good jobs and careers for our returning veterans, tackling the opioid and homelessness crisis and empowering veterans to use the skills learned in the military to become leaders in our local communities.

Visit the Union Veterans Council Labor 2018 website at UnionVeterans.org/Labor2018 and follow us on Facebook  or Twitter for updated information on the candidates we support and areas we will be mobilizing Union Vets with the Labor 18 program..