Union Veterans Council, AFL-CIO Launches 2020 Political Program

UVC will target veteran voters in key swing states and support Bi-Partisan Congressional champions

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Union Veterans Council, AFL-CIO is proud to announce the launch of its political program to speak to union and veteran voters in key swing states and support Congressional champions of veterans issues in their election and reelection campaigns.

The program will focus on engaging veteran voters, elevating the voices and stories of union veterans in the media, and centering issues that matter to veterans in their everyday lives. The UVC will run membership engagement programs, digital media, and earned media programs in its targeted states and districts, supporting Joe Biden as well as other down-ballot champions for labor issues and veterans’ issues.

“Working veterans across the country know that something needs to change. But if our message is going to resonate with veterans, we need to speak to the values and issues that matter to them,” said UVC Executive Director Will Attig. “If we want to win in November and bring change in Washington, we need to speak to a broader base of voters than we have in the past, and veterans are a big part of that.”

There are more than 1 million working veterans, countless military spouses, and generations of veterans that have now retired after finding their path to the American dream through a union job. UVC hopes to speak directly to these voters and provide AFL-CIO state federations, central labor councils, area labor federations, and progressive allies the guidance, resources, and support to grow the union veteran movement.

“Most veterans are working people. Veterans have always been an essential part of labor issues, and through this program, the Union Veterans Council will make sure union veterans’ voices are heard in this election cycle, both within the labor movement and without,” said AFL-CIO Vice President and UVC Chair Cecil Roberts. “As veterans, we have a deep respect for this country and its values, and we know that we can and will do better if we get out and vote in November.”