Paving the Way for Patriotism and Prosperity: Advocating for the Expansion of the Child Tax Credit

In the collective pursuit of supporting our veterans, military families, and communities, there is no greater imperative than securing their financial stability. As we navigate the challenges of the new year, the Union Veterans Council underscores a critical matter that strikes at the core of what it means to stand in solidarity with those who have selflessly served our nation—the urgent need to expand the Child Tax Credit.

Addressing the Urgent Need

The expiration of the American Rescue Plan's temporary Child Tax Credit expansion has left around 670,000 children in veteran and active-duty families without the crucial support they require. This situation calls for bipartisan collaboration to address a pressing concern that directly impacts those who have selflessly served our nation.

A Chance for Veterans to Live the American Dream

Our veterans and military families, who have sacrificed for the ideals of freedom and prosperity, deserve the opportunity to live the American dream. By expanding the Child Tax Credit, Congress not only enhances the financial stability of our veterans and military families but also contributes to a more engaged, focused, and productive workforce.

Patriotism in Action

This proposed expansion isn't just about economic imperatives; it's a profound demonstration of our commitment to patriotism and prosperity. Improved financial stability, facilitated by bills like this, plays a pivotal role in addressing broader societal challenges faced by our veterans, including veteran homelessness and military and veteran suicide.

Reducing the Risk of Homelessness and Mental Health Challenges

The Union Veterans Council recognizes that improved financial stability is a crucial step toward reducing the risk of homelessness and mental health challenges among those who have bravely served our country. This advocacy is more than a call for economic support; it's a call to create a safety net that shields our military families from the harsh realities of life after service.

Join Us in Advocating for Change

We invite all our supporters to join us in advocating for the expansion of the Child Tax Credit. Let's stand united in support of those who have valiantly served our great nation. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of our veterans, military families, and children across the nation.

How You Can Help: A Call to Action for Veterans and Supporters

We invite all veterans and supporters of our military community to take action. Your voice can make a significant impact in advocating for the expansion of the Child Tax Credit.

Call Your Members of Congress: Ensure the Expanded Child Tax Credit is Prioritized

Pick up the phone and reach out to your Members of Congress at (202) 224-3121. Ask them to prioritize the inclusion of the expanded Child Tax Credit in any future tax bills. Your call will echo the collective voice of veterans and their supporters across the nation, urging policymakers to stand in solidarity with those who have served our country.

Be a Force for Positive Change

Your advocacy matters. By engaging with your elected officials, you contribute to a movement that seeks to provide essential support to our veterans, military families, and children. Let your representatives know that this issue is not just about economics; it's about upholding the principles of patriotism and prosperity.

Stay Informed and Encourage Others to Join

Stay informed about developments related to the Child Tax Credit expansion and share this information within your network. Encourage fellow veterans, friends, and family members to join the cause. Together, we can create a groundswell of support that demands positive change for our military community.

Your commitment to this cause is invaluable. Thank you for taking the initiative to ensure that the expanded Child Tax Credit becomes a reality, providing essential support to our veterans and military families.