Ohio Union Veterans Council Demand Congressional Candidate Provide Proof of Combat Veteran Status

Union Veterans are giving Majewski a clear choice: provide the documents or suspend the campaign.

Columbus OH. – Ohio veterans are coming together to demand that GOP House candidate J.R. Majewski provide the necessary documents to sustain his claim of being a combat veteran deployed in Afghanistan or suspend his campaign for a northwestern Ohio congressional seat. Majewski’s campaign has touted the candidate’s combat veteran status and misled voters, and Ohio veterans have had enough. 

Members of the Ohio Union Veterans Council (OUVC) released a video publicly calling on Majewski to release his DD-214 proving his combat in Afghanistan.

Those who participated in the video demanded that Majewski suspend his campaign if he’s unable or unwilling to show evidence of being a combat veteran. “With the severe allegation of stolen valor, we can not simply look away; we are calling on JR to personally release his military record DD-214 within one week from today or suspend his campaign indefinitely,” said Bob Mapes (Navy).

Majewski is running to represent the people of the ninth congressional district of Ohio, using his unsupported stories of being a combat veteran to earn their votes. With the district being home to more than 44,000 veterans – in a state with more than 800,000 veterans – Majewski has a lot of people to answer to. Majewski, however, has already failed to adequately support his exaggerated resume with misleading documents, as first reported by the Associated Press

Today, the OUVC stands with fellow veterans of Ohio in demanding that GOP House candidate J.R. Majewski publicly provide valid documents supporting his combat veteran claims or suspend his campaign altogether.

“Lying about one's military career is always wrong but using stolen valor for political gain is totally unacceptable,” added Marine veteran Dave Martz.

America’s veterans deserve to have their service honored and not appropriated by predatory politicians looking to lie their way to unearned votes.