Holiday Veterans Community Outreach Project

The holiday season is upon us and we are once again reaching out to our members with a call to action. The Union Veterans Council is excited to announce that we’re piloting a Holiday Community Outreach Program. Many of our nation’s veterans are living in extended care, state-run, VA retirement homes and facilities, many of them in your communities(Click HERE to find a location in your community). Unfortunately, these veterans are often overlooked during the holiday’s. This year’s project is the first of what we hope to make an annual Union Veterans Council holiday tradition.

This is where you come in - we’re encouraging all Union Veteran members to take a few moments out of your day to visit a veterans home. It can be as simple as showing up ready to talk. Sharing stories and visiting with a fellow veteran can mean more than any gift, especially with our aging brothers and sisters. We’ve also put together a list of suggested items that are perfect for gifting, you’ll find that below.

Here at the UVC we truly believe that visiting our aging veterans is the best holiday gift we can give. We can’t wait to see your outreach work! Make sure to snap a picture or take a short video while you’re visiting a veterans home and share it with us. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please reach out to UVC Director William Attig via email at [email protected]

List of items to donate:

Clothing- belts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, Flannels, light jackets, sweaters, fingerless gloves, house shoes, tennis shoes, lap blankets

Treats- sodas, various consistency snacks with sugar-free options( pudding, pies, cookies, fudge, snack cakes, gum, mints)

Misc- alarm clocks, battery operated lights, small radios, hand held mirrors, aftershave, pocket calendar, lotions, chapstick, cups with lids/straws, magnifying glass, notebooks, magazines, electronic handheld games(Yahtzee)