Call To Action-Stop the Shutdown

The National Union Veterans Council is calling on all local Union Veterans and supporters to stand side-by-side with the nearly quarter of a million veterans that work for the federal government and are currently furloughed or working without pay.

Imagine living in rural America, having to drive an hour to do your job as a federal corrections officer, deal with life and death situations day in and day out without being compensated for your work. Essentially, working for an “I owe you”. How will you pay your bills? How will you put gas in your vehicle so that you can show up to work? Now imagine the greater strain this situation would have on your mental health. Does this sound like anyone you might know?

We’ve heard hundreds of stories just like these from our Union Veterans Council members recently. It is time that we mobilize in support of our veteran workers and all federal workers that have hard-earned paychecks being held hostage during this shutdown.

We might not all agree on how to fund border security but we all can agree that people should be paid to work, that families should not have to worry about losing their hard earned savings. Our veteran’s financial stability should not be used as a political prop, that I know we can all agree on.

Please contact your Senators by calling 1-886-803-8830. We need YOU, the local activists, to tell them to stop the shutdown by passing H.R 21. To help ensure our veterans and federal workers do not miss a single paycheck.